Florida Plane Rides, Cash for Zelensky, Establishment v. MAGA, Bye Covid Mandates

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Broadcasting from the Free State with Tracy and Tommy. What's the diff with DPC and concierge medicine? Which one is better? Newly arrived illegal aliens are given Florida Plane Rides straight to the liberal paradise of Martha's Vineyard. As part of a program to resettle undocumented border crossers into sanctuary cities, Gov. DeSantis has set aside millions of dollars in Transportation funds to help these newly arrived travelers find the American Dream....in a Blue State. Charlie Crist says DeSantis is "DeSatan" and he is for freedom just like Prez Zelensky. Who, by the way, thinks it is just plain greedy for Americans to be worried about the price of gas when his country is getting invaded. Remind me, who is in charge of making sure your country doesn't get invaded 🤔🤔🤔 Where does the $42 billion given to Ukraine go and how do we know the war is being won? Does it matter? George Orwell had the answer and it is "no it doesn't matter." War is meant to consume resources and protect elites. Govt is coming for MAGA people. The FBI showed up on a lady's door because someone said she was at the capitol on Jan. 6. That's it. Now credit card companies are tracking gun purchases. Nothing to worry about I'm sure. Slowly the establishment is walking back Covid mandates. Some aren't testing the unwashed/unvaccinated anymore and the Navy is quietly making changes to it's policies on unvaccinated and their medical fitness. Seems like some are starting to wilt under the pressure of....reality. mRNA shots are just that. Shots. No vaccine requires six to work. DOT Pete thinks we should follow CA and do away with gas cars by 2035. If you believe that's going to happen I've got a bridge to sell you. It's all a scam to drive up the stock prices of green industries so cynical politicos and "stakeholders" can make some $$$$. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

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