#43: Detox Emotional Trauma w/ Wendy Myers + BoneCoach™

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Joining us today to explore if your health issues are caused by emotional trauma, plus how to do an emotional detox, is Wendy Myers.
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Topics Covered
0:00 -
Episode start
1:59 -
Wendy Myers’ story and how this became her area of focus
6:19 -
What is emotional trauma exactly?
8:07 -
Typically when people have emotional issues, they seek out talk therapy. What is the problem with talk therapy and why doesn’t it get to the root cause of people’s emotional issues?
12:07 -
So many people are looking for physical solutions to their health issues and ignoring their emotional life or don’t think that trauma from the past is affecting them. How does emotional trauma manifest physically as illness and disease?
16:10 -
Tell us about your own journey to address your trauma and feel better emotionally
21:05 -
If you’re listening to this or watching this right now, let me know what you’ve learned in the comments below, share this with a friend or someone you love who could benefit
22:05 -
What protocols do you recommend to people, even if they’re already participating in talk therapy?
27:56 -
Impact of emotional trauma on bone health
30:55 -
How to learn more about Wendy Myers and emotional detoxing
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