Sounds of Hope | More On Trivia: Philadelphia vs. Washington | 9/23/22

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Paris Hilton is still looking for her missing dog and is offering a big reward. A number of congressmen had intense hearings the other day lambasting Biden administration personnel over the labor shortage and the border. Also, Josh Hawley went after a Biden nominee over her previous quotes calling Republicans stupid. Ron DeSantis’ speeches keep sounding like he has higher aspirations. Could we see him running in 2024? Iran is descending into chaos over the murder of a girl who wore a hijab incorrectly. More On Trivia is back with the Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Speaking of the NFL, Thursday night football is not working out very well on Amazon. Apparently, Canada’s vaccine mandate has now been dropped because the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs. Frito-Lay announced new chips featuring some fancy new fall flavors.

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