17. Regenerative Agriculture as an Investment Opportunity, with Antony Yousefian

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My guest this week is Antony Yousefian, who is the Founding Partner of ReFi Ventures and Advisor to Tech Nation. Listen to Antony talk about how:

  • Conventional intensive agriculture is extractive, while regenerative agriculture is better for food security, resilience and health
  • Innovation through regenerative agriculture can turn farming into a “hero industry” that reverses the destruction of nature’s ecoservices
  • Early-stage investment and financial innovation (such as soil carbon credits) needs to help to fund the transition to regenerative agriculture
  • AgTech (agricultural technology) can give us tools to measure nature’s services (like soil health and carbon cycling) and to quantify climate risks
  • Cultivating micro-proteins is a hundred times more energy efficient than the current farming system and five times more efficient than cell agriculture

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