Fasttrack Your Online Course Creation with Stephanie Obi

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Have you always wanted to join the education revolution? Does the idea of making money while you sleep appeal to you? Are you interested in the knowledge industry? On this week's podcast, online course pioneer, Stephanie Obi, shares how she discovered online training in the early days and how she used it to propel herself to financial abundance while helping others to do the same. Sorry, no video for this episode.

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About Stephanie Obi:

Award Winning & Pioneer Digital Business Coach

Stephanie Obi is an award winning and pioneer digital business coach whose work is contributing to closing the US$330 billion finance gap that small and medium sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa face.

She is the founder of Leverage for Africa, which supports businesses to launch one online course and turn it into a Six Figure Income Stream.

She has helped some of Forbes Africa's most powerful women and LinkedIn Top Voices to launch online courses and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Knowledge Is The New Gold.

She is a recipient of the Beta Gamma Sigma 2021 Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, the Social Media for Social Good Award and was named one of the "100 Most Impactful Women" in 2022 by The Richer Woman for her work in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

She has spoken at the Women In Management, Business & Public Service Annual Conference, one of the largest women in leadership conferences in Africa, as well as The Lagos Business School’s Entrepreneurship Expo and Contest.

She has been featured on Forbes, Thrive Global, Guardian Woman, Arise TV, Channels TV, Business Day, Vanguard, etc

She's a First-Class Graduate of Computer Science and holds an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School.

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