The Gray Area Podcast: Boot Camp (The Scales and Grades of GunPla)

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“Run 15 Laps around the track! MOVE!”
“I’m gonna walk, thanks…"
Welcome to "The Gray Area," a podcast dedicated to the Gundam Universe, the hobby of Gundam Plastic Model Kits, and more.

Time to dive in! Like they said before, there are so many different universes in the Mobile Suit Gundam Series.

After getting an idea of what universe you want to dive into, it’s a bit daunting trying to figure out what type of kit you want! There are so many boxes, different sizes, different letters. IT’S TOO MUCH! John & Niko, our hosts, are going to walk you through identifying the different grades and scales in the GunPla hobby, bringing you two different perspectives in articulation, build quality, part separation, and more.

This Podcast is dedicated to John & Niko's wonderful partners/significant others, who support our passions. They also dedicate the season to Aurora Gray, John's daughter, where we wish for her to embrace her passions and pursue them to the fullest.
Special shoutouts to Stomp's Playlist, where our music comes from. Thank you for offering royalty-free audio backgrounds.

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