Episode 15: 5 Ways the Wealthy Think Differently

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What makes wealthy individuals successful? And what is the secret to this magical attitude that makes them wealthy? There have been a lot of interviews, articles, and books written about it, but one thing is clear: wealthy people think very differently from the rest of us. They are wealthy (though not always in bad taste) precisely because of the differences they have in their values and interests. Let's examine a few aspects of the way they think.
In this third episode of the Quiet Wealth will talk about 5 Ways the Wealthy Think Differently and how they are able to leverage that building a generational wealth and living an abundant life. Get Ready to build wealth, let's Dive in.

On Todays Episode:

[00:00 - 06:31]

• Welcome to the Quiet Wealth Podcast.
• The incredible heart of Real Quiet.
• It matters where you start but even more important where you finish.

08:09 - 26:30] • Five ways the wealthy think differently and how you have the power to change your thinking.

• #1 Is mastering the power of money and not being afraid of it.
• #2 The wealthy think differently about risk. Take bigger risk
• #3 It's not how much money you make, it's how much you keep.
• #4 The wealthy think very differently about businesses, and they believe that it's super important to own your own business.

• #5 Failure. Failure Inspires winners.

[26:33 - 32:12]
• Review 5 ways the Wealthy Think Differently,
• Your Dynamic pieces is your greatest strategy to Protect your happiness.
• See you on the next Episode.

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Tweetable Quote:

"Cause it's not really what we learn that makes a difference in our lives. It's what we do with what we learn. It's not the size of your income that's gonna determine your financial success. It's how you handle the money you earn." -Camilla Jeffs


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