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I don’t think that you can imagine just how excited Gerhard was to find out that Audi, his favourite car company, has a Kubernetes competence centre. We have Sebastian Kister joining us today to tell us why people, followed by tech make the process.

The right thing to focus on is the genuine smiles that people give in response to something we do or say. That is an important SLI & SLO for reducing friction between silos.

How does this impact the flow of artefacts into production systems that design & build cars?

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Show Notes:

Sebastian & Gerhard

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(00:00) - Welcome
(01:00) - Sponsor: Raygun
(02:59) - Intro
(07:18) - What is it like to work for Audi
(10:53) - How the transformation happens
(14:50) - When projects onboard
(18:41) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(21:04) - What about the documentation
(25:09) - Learning from the engagements
(27:00) - Why Kubernetes
(29:54) - What runs here
(34:40) - Changing how people approach problems
(38:15) - Scaling up
(41:33) - How large is your team?
(44:01) - Importance of small teams
(47:33) - Sponsor: FireHydrant
(48:51) - Working in this ecosystem
(56:00) - Getting to the end users
(59:16) - The stuff you wish you knew back then
(1:00:47) - Big takeaway
(1:04:40) - Where will we see you next?
(1:09:30) - Wrap up
(1:11:34) - Outro

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