Ep. 140: Dropping Spores in Singapore & Bewildering Mycelium Creations (feat. Ng Sze Kiat)

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Today on Mushroom Hour we the privilege to get to know mushroom cultivation artist Kiat. Kiat is the founder of Bewilder, a Mycological Design Studio based in Singapore. As the one-man R&D team behind this project, Kiat knows his science! For him, growing mushrooms is an intense and carefully tuned process that also blends in a fair bit of artistry and intuition. Before founding Bewilder, Kiat worked on a local farm cultivating mushrooms out of waste substrates. These years of experience and experimentation formed him into the self-taught mushroom cultivator he is today. As he explores ever more mysteries of growing fungi, he continues to bow his head humbly to the ways of nature.

  • Childhood Love of Nature Becomes a Mushroom Addiction
  • Mycophobia and “Success Culture” in Singapore
  • Showing What's Possible, Asking Questions
  • Mushrooms as a Tool for Doing Good
  • Founding Bewilder Design Studio
  • Communities vs Competition in Myco-Entrepreneurship
  • Myco-Composite Materials
  • Government Control and Separation from Nature
  • Seeking Out Native Strains for Food & Mycomaterials
  • Mycelium Lampshades
  • Being Humble, Recognizing Our Place in Nature
  • Relinquishing Control, Reconnecting to Greater Consciousness
  • Importance of Making Mistakes
  • Bewilder Commercial Projects and Research Areas


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