Ep 259 - Arielle

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If you are looking for a beautiful journey of what it can look like when you live intentionally and seek out your authentic self... Look no further. We often use this space to give a high-level overview of the relational dynamic our guests are in... There isn't a better way to describe this for Arielle besides that she is in a relationship with living an incredible life and giving love to those around her. It's a beautiful conversation and we hope you enjoy it. A bit more about Arielle from her website: Arielle Brown is a teacher, facilitator, and ceremonialist specializing in energetic alignment, relational alchemy, and authentic communication skills. In her 1:1 private client work, Arielle supports men, women, and couples harmonizing their Masculine & Feminine energy flow in service to actualizing their creative potential, amplifying their impact in the world, and embodying greater levels of joy and meaningful fulfillment in their relationships, sexuality, and authentic expression of purpose and leadership. She is founder of the Cosmic Tantra Community, a global online monthly membership for consciousness explorers on the awakening path seeking to anchor in the new paradigm of love, sexuality, and authentic human connection. Check out the full show notes here. Join the most amazing community of open-minded humans on the planet! Skip the ads and sign up for the Premium Feed! Click here to order your very own NNM shirt! Click here to join our upcoming Virtual Meet and Greets!

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