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In this episode, you will learn the difference between a manager and a leader. Business engineer John Schanz and author Susie Tomenchok dive into the benefits of having multiple mentors and the best ways to deal with self-doubt. Learn about navigating your way through business cultures and what it takes to become a leader through leverage.

A look at what we discuss:
[00:00:56] Meet John Schanz: Former Chief Network Officer at Comcast, mentor, and friend
[00:03:49] Making things out of technology was cool; making money with technology was cooler
[00:04:50] John’s Career: Phase 2
[00:07:16] Career highlights: From entry-level engineer to manager to becoming a leader
[00:09:23] What's the difference between a manager and a leader?
[00:12:50] Important people to look out for in growing your career
[00:16:10] 1-Minute Manager Book: Praise in public and punish in private
[00:18:33] Dealing with Self-doubt through the Three-Legged Stool philosophy
[00:21:32] Advice about organization cultures: Teamwork, Collaboration, & Finding Your Spot
[00:27:43] How have you used leverage in a positive way in your role as a leader?
[00:30:33] How would you define 'leverage'?
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Connect with Susie:
If you’re ready to continue your professional growth, commit to accelerating your career development, and say goodbye to that anxious feeling in your stomach anytime you ask for what you want to practice negotiation, then get my book The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation.

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