How Podcasting Has Changed an Estate Planning Business

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Fresh off a trip to Nashville for an event with Great Legal Marketing, we're back in the office to sit down with one of the attorneys from the conference, Nick Rosenbauer.
Nick is an attorney with an estate planning business in Ohio who began podcasting with Third Wheel Media a couple of years ago. What began as just another way to connect with his prospect and client list has grown to much more than he ever anticipated.
So we invited him on to talk about the recent event and the growth in podcasting within the legal profession, to share his personal experience starting a podcast, and tell us about the success he's enjoyed thanks to the show.
Here's some of what you'll learn on this episode:

  • Recapping our recent trip to the 2022 Heroes & Icons Summit in Nashville (1:30)
  • How does he measure success from the podcast? (9:12)
  • What does his end of the workflow look like each month? (14:15)
  • One thing he'd tell someone that is considering starting a new podcast. (16:41)

Check out Nick's estate planning podcast here:
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