100. How to Quit with Authenticity and Compassion

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Thank you for listening to the Mindful Healers Podcast! We are at episode 100!

The world will not fall apart if you follow your heart. This podcasts came about because we followed our hearts. And it required that we quit/declutter some of our other roles.

The word “quit” can be triggering due to it's commonly held association with failure and weakness. Guilt sometimes is also associated with quitting.

We offer the concept of transitioning, graduating, and pivoting instead.

There is a high cost to continuing in roles that are no longer in alignment for you.

Quitting can be seen as winning.

It almost always requires immense courage.

It is often an act of love.

Quitting creates space, time, and energy for what you truly want to do or be.

Jessie can help evaluate your priorities and help you quit strategically and intentionally through virtual coaching or during a retreat.

Early Bird registration is still available for the Mindful Healers Connect in Nature Retreat in July 2023 Don't miss out. If you haven’t already, please join us at the Mindful Healthcare Collective - open to all humans in healthcare via Mindfulhealthcarecollective.com and the FB group.

If you want to develop a mindfulness practice, reach out to Dr. Liang www.awakenbreath.org

*Nothing in this episode should be considered medical advice.

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