LIGHT TALK Episode 293 - "PIOMA!... Interview with Susan Rose"

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In this episode of LIGHT TALK, The Lumen Brothers and Sistah!) chat with Lighting Designer/Programmer, Susan Rose. Join Susan, Ellen, Steve, and David, as they pontificate about: Getting started in showbiz as a 14 year-old country singer; Chicken Wire Bars; Susan's Full Sail Hall of Fame surprise; Touring with Ringo Starr and his All Star Band; "The Mesopotania of the Music Business"; Training programmers to run the Hog; Melissa Etheridge; Feeling the music to see the music; Writing the Hog Manual Reference Manual; Early days at Disney Orlando; Crazy stuff on the road; Making the best out of what you have to work with; Beatle Mania Returns!; "Wingin' It"; Smokey's Page; The Chicken Wing Queen; and the "If This Van is a Rockin', Don't Come a Knockin' Party" at LDI. Nothing is Taboo, Nothing is Sacred, and Very Little Makes Sense.

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