We Knead to Rise Again | #1252

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Ordinary Time, 33rd Sunday (C) Three little piggies all built homes. But only one home was built to last. God called us into the covenant. He will always be faithful to us. Will we be faithful to Him even when faith us inconvenient or unpopular?

Pottery is thrown and then fired in a kiln. Can we take the heat? A loaf of bread gets kneaded and left to proof. Then it gets punched down and kneaded again. The bread must rise again so it can stand tall in the heat of the oven. The Thessalonians lived a good Christian life for a little while, but some were now becoming soft. Is your virtue solid? Do trials strengthen your faith or do they cause your faith to fall?

(13 Nov 2022)

Going Deeper: In what way did you experience trials this past week? How did you respond to those trials?

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