Ep182 There's Nothing Wrong With Any Of Your Emotions

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Emotion is a topic that stirs a lot of debate and is often the source of a lot of confusion. Much of that confustion comes from not knowing what emotion is actually driving.

Tah has crafted a very foundational way of navigating emotions. There is nothing WRONG with any emotions. There are NO inappropriate emotions. Part of the issue is that people often confuse emotions with the behaviors we learn to attach to our emotions.

The first step is awareness. In this episode, Tah goes into the basics of emotional navigation and how to start looking into emotional navigation. We have had psychotherapists sit with us and ask "where did you get this from? We NEVER learned this way of emotional navigation when I was in school."

We teach about emotional navigation at all of our Condor Approach trainings and it has been life changing for our coaches, their clients and families. We'd love to have you at our next training in February 2023. You don't need to be a therapist to be a coach. Coaches guide people back into themsleves. We know you can do it. Come grow with us.

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