The Woman Behind Thanksgiving with Melanie Kirkpatrick

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In this episode of the Trust Your Voice podcast, host Sylvie Légère sat down with Melanie Kirkpatrick, writer-journalist, author of three books: Lady Editor: Sarah Josepha Hale and the Making of the Modern American Woman; Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience (2016) and Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad (2012), and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, to enlighten you about women and the history of Thanksgiving.

In this conversation, Sylvie and Melanie discuss:

  • Story of Sarah Hales and her influence
  • The history of Thanksgiving
  • Condition of Women in the 1800s
  • How Sarah advocated for Thanksgiving

Get to know Melanie more on her website

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