MFF024 - Should You Fall In Love With Your Idea?

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When You Came Up With Your Idea Was It Love At First Sight?

Many entrepreneurs believe that their next big business plan is as easy or hard, as coming up with an original idea, and putting it down on paper. What many don’t realize is new markets don’t often blast off into riches. Many great businesses start by finding an opportunity for growth and improvement, and doing it better than all those before.

Too often, entrepreneurs are blinded by ideas, and become easily attached. When the reality is, there are tons of limping or old foundations in place for businesses, that with the right ratification, could create a ton of cash.

Today, we will discuss the best way to get on the right track to a new business idea.

Identify a need or opportunity in a market.

Create a question, that if answered would solve a problem in a market or industry.

Continue to refine and build upon that idea, until it shows signs of success.

Tip: Don't waste too much time trying to come up with original ideas, they often end in bloodshed.

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