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Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis (Liar's Poker, Moneyball) takes a searing look at what’s happened to fairness. It feels like there's less of it every day—whether it comes to lending practices, college admissions, professional sports, or psychological well-being. Who are the people trying to level the playing field, and are they making an impact? Lewis interviews referees (Season 1) and coaches (Season 2) from many walks of life, bringing his trademark insight and wry humor to ...
Against Everyone with Conner Habib features conversations with countercultural thinkers and presents complex philosophical, political, and spiritual ideas in an engaging and accessible way. It's big, deep, good, fun. Hosted by your fav author-performer-occultist-philosopher, Conner Habib. Support the show via
A no-holds-barred discussion about the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of building a life in Israel, with those who have been living in Israel long enough to have perspective. Follow Return Again on Twitter: @ReturnAgainPod Support this podcast:
Back Again, Back Again is a new audio drama about prophecies, alternate realms, and queer girls with swords written by Abigail Eliza. It tells the story of Ilyaas, an ex-prophecy child trying to come to terms with her new reality as she struggles to adjust to the ordinary world while still remembering everything she’s seen.
Welcome to your dose of football (or as you say on this side of the pond, “soccer”) news! My new podcast, Back Again with Troopz, will not only have in-depth Arsenal match previews and reviews, it will also cover the rest of the weekend’s fixtures and key talking points from the world of FOOTBALL. Get ready for Troopz in the US Of A, fam!!
My name is John, I am a pastoral theologian and Begin Again (formerly Ambushed) is one of the ways I try to make good use what I have been given. I enjoy talking with people about new insights from or about church history, developmental theories, Spiral Dynamics, the enneagram, Christian mysticism, and integrating all of them together.
Then Again

Then Again

Northeast Georgia History Center

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Historian Glen Kyle of the Northeast Georgia History Center and guests explore the historical context and significance of everything from pop culture to the little known stories of our past in this light-hearted and educational podcast.
Believed to have been written by Chicago socialite, Emma Murdock Van Deventer, this detective story set at the World's Fair follows Carl Masters as he is in pursuit of international criminals Greenback Bob and Delbras. Conmen, lost handbags, jewel robberies, an adventuress... not to mention two missing young men and a murder, all come under the detective's eye. ( Lynne Thompson)
Welcome to 6 Again! Join mates and rugby league fans Adam and Jarrod as they preview and review all the games on the NRL slate. The boys cover team lists, injuries, recent results and banter about the games biggest talking points as well as providing their Best Bets of the round. 6 Again was created by two rugby league fans FOR rugby league fans. So kick back, crack a 'Beer of the week' and enjoy the show!
It's not just a podcast, it's a process. The Love Again Podcast was created by Mike and Glenda after facing divorce just after their 16th year of marriage. Separated but still living in the same home, and finding a way to save their marriage and their family was difficult, but worth it. Here, you get to come along on their journey as they learn to find and give Love. Again...We hope that what we've learned will help you find love again!
Get It Again is taking a look back at WCW Thunder! Wrestling insiders Andrea Listenberger, Smackdown writer, Andrew Krukowski, former Lucha Underground writer, and Matt Mazany, former Raw and NXT writer, and host Stephen Loh partake in a journey to rewatch all 156 episodes of Thunder and discuss all the would'ves, could'ves, should'ves, and what-ifs of WCW's infamous B-show.
Hi, Gary here, a stand up comedian based in Singapore. Welcome to my show! This is the show where I try to figure out my life, by talking to different people such as artist, musicians, stand up comics and others who I find really interesting over candid conversation. With various subjects in mind, hopefully learning how to navigate through life while being funny at the same time.
Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal and his 3 childhood friends, Harry, Darren “The Parlay Kid” and Brother Bri, known lovingly as The Degenerate Trifecta break down the biggest gambling events of the week. Over the years, this top-tiered, I-Heart Radio Awards- nominated sports gambling podcast has received over 10 million downloads while giving out upwards of 3 or 4 winning picks.
Never Again Studio is a multimedia platform designed to showcase “who you are”. Listen to Michael Fauerbach and Jesse Shive peel back the story behind each guest. Find out what makes them successful and how they took the leap towards doing what they love for a living. Each podcast is unique in its own way. As Mike says, “Everyone has different story, we just tell it through our eyes”. Check it all out below and subscribe for updates on when they are live.
Welcome to Pod Against the Machine, the only Actual Play podcast that specifically mentions its opposition to the machine in the title. We're a ragtag group of five creating an epic story while playing through the Iron Gods Pathfinder First Edition adventure path from Paizo publishing. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, complete with wizards, monsters, and skeletons...but with an added bonus of evil robots and horrifying aliens, all tied together with our (hopefully) funny banter, interesting c ...
The author of "The Case Against the West Memphis 3 Killers" follows new developments in the case, as well as other cases covered in various podcasts, televisions shows and documentaries, such as "Making a Murderer," "Truth and Justice," "The Staircase," and related news coverage, with a heavy emphasis on detailing misinformation and propaganda designed to subvert the judicial process.
Against the Lore

Against the Lore

Zenia, Flo, Barney and Meg

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Welcome to Against the Lore, the myth-busting ancient history podcast! Each episode, we fact check popular misconceptions around the ancient world. We take a general topic, look at how it worked in ancient history, and show how our modern world has been shaped by things that happened 2000+ years ago. Featuring Barney, Meg and Zenia, our experts on Near Eastern, Greek and Roman history, and Flo, our resident psychopomp. If you don't know what that is, you should probably listen to this podcast.
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show series - The insurgencies of Brexit and Corbyn are over, and a kind of restoration politics has overtaken both the Tories and Labour, says Guardian associate editor Julian Coman Tweeted by @torysleazeUKởi Radio Free UK
CLICK PLAY NOW TO SEE HOW YOU CAN NEVER PROCRASTINATE AGAIN! Transcript NEED HELP? 5x/week LIVE support groups, daily email accountability, a step-by-step mastery challenge, personal consultations with both myself and my business partner, over a dozen available-nowhere-else Never Binge Again educational presentations, and much, much more! WANT TO H…
On this episode we have one of my own personal pastoral and theological heroes, Brian Zahnd. He is the founding pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri and recently launched his most recent book, When Everything's on Fire: Faith Forged From the Ashes. We chat through some of the chapters of the book, talk about influences of the Cloud…
With 10 days to go until Starrcade, Thunder calls it a year with it's final episode of 1998. We get an extended look into DDP's Toys of Tots charity drive and listen to his raspy voice read Christmas stories to children. Horrific. Chants of "We Want Flair!" ring out all night with this Charlotte crowd and WCW delivers with not one but THREE Flair's…
In this audio, I talk about the challenges with doing things the same old way. Are you thinking of changing something? Work with a coach to help you get there. (This was taken from a recent video) If you are recently separated or divorced and need some support during this change, you'll enjoy my booklet Making Sense of It All: Articles for Women Re…
This week The President of the United Mar-A-Lago of America and Tech Stuff Guy discuss The Eppys, Jack Dorsey, Omicron Variant, Boebert, Killer Kyle's trip to Mar-A-Lago, and more. We are sponsored by BetOnline.AG use Promo Code CLNS50 to receive your 50% Welcome Bonus on your First Deposit. The best site for sports and casino betting. The Eppys wi…
David Lange grew up in Perth, Australia, assuming his life’s work would be dedicated to building wealth - and a family - in Australia. In high school, he had some experiences that would nudge him in the direction of Israel, but it was meeting his future wife Erika – later Ahava Emunah – zichrona livracha, that sealed the deal for a future in Israel…
For the second week in a row our title is pretty self explanatory. Welcome in to the 6 Again Podcast! Regular Co-host Jarrod is still away so a regular friend of the show, Wally drops in yet again. On this episode we chat NRLW Expansion, the All Star Game date and location are locked in and is the Melbourne as we've known it for over a decade start…
On a special Thanksgiving 2021 Episode, we talk about ways to make new memories and encourage lovers to recreate and hold on to traditions and customs that are healthy, fun, fulfilling and that work for you and your family. In that same vein, we discuss how dreaming, building, and even fantasizing together can help make the our (and your) connectio…
Sono i protagonisti delle nostre storie. Passiamo ore a crearli, disegnarli, migliorarli. Ma chi sono davvero i Personaggi Giocanti in un GdR?----more---- Scaletta: [00:00:43] Saluti e presentazione [00:02:46] Introduzione [00:05:12] Come creiamo un personaggio? [00:17:27] Le generazioni del personaggio [00:25:02] I nuovi personaggi sono diversi da…
Season 3 Episode 19 is with Santiago HS LB Coach(Corona, CA), Terrance Gant.SHOW NOTES3:13 Welcome Terrance Gant!9:49 ILB Play in Rip/Liz in 2x215:21 How to Get to the Endzone on D!26:34 Defending Fast RB Motion35:21 Tampa 2 Invert out of 3-346:05 Approaching Teams that Run Different Offenses57:26 Dividing Time for Future Opponents1:09:13 Schedulin…
Whoa whoa whoa lots to talk about like boys, the holidays, and being hypocritical! I hope you don't mind the way this episode was constructed lolol but if you don't like it, come back next week! Macy's Insta- @macy.dowell Podcast Insta- @lifeagainstthegrainpodcast Don't forget to give us a rate and review after listening, it will really help me out…
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