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Hi. I'm Aaron Tsuru and this is my podcast, Anecdotal. I'm a photographer, zinester, writer, videographer, artist, painter, singer, illustrator, momma, father, spouse, cat owner, runner, cyclist, agender genderqueer atheist liberal romantic with vitiligo in New York City. Let's share each other's stories! Love, Aaron Tsuru
In the medical community, the term "anecdotal evidence" is used dismissively. But our lives as we live and experience them can be thought of as the stories we're writing every day. In his work as a psychiatrist, Daniel Johnson, MD has been deeply moved by the healing stories that have been shared with him over the years. Join him from his home in Asheville, NC where he shares long-form conversatons exploring the interesting and inspiring aspects to life's growth. His guests include practitio ...
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Don’t wait for someone to come along and solve your problems—step up and make things happen. Listen to hear how a clever Storytelling for Leaders participant used an anecdote from a popular franchise to connect and build rapport. The post 133 – Potter spells initiative appeared first on Anecdote.Bởi Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, ‘It can’t be done.’” Listen to hear how one woman persisted with her vision and changed the lives of over a million people. The post 130 – Superwoman with x-ray vision appeared first on Anecdote.Bởi Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk
When you need to solve a problem or initiate a behaviour change, think beyond the obvious solution—you’ll likely find a more effective one. Listen to hear how a small town in Germany flipped a problematic march on its head. The post 121 – Charitable causes for problematic pilgrims appeared first on Anecdote.…
If you give your employees guiding principles rather than rules, they will do amazing things. Listen to hear special guest Doug Keeley’s favourite business story of all time. The post 112 – FedEx helicopter story absolutely positively flies appeared first on Anecdote.Bởi Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk
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