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Brian of London Talks

Brian of London Talks

Brian of London brianoflondon

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Every week BrianofLondon gives you his taken on the culture wars, news of the day and whatever crosses his consciousness. Brian is a Jewish expat Brit who’s returned home to his indigenous homeland: Israel. I could be covering Israeli, US or British politics, security resisting global Jihad. Brian’s a Brexiteer, a friend of Tommy Robinson and staunchly pro Western Civilisation. The archives lost for years have been found and they're coming back. Shire Network News was one of the earliest pod ...
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We were due to have our fourth case management hearing in our Crypto Class Action Law Suit against Facebook and Google in Australia’s Federal Court last night. It didn’t happen because it’s been postponed. But as I explain in the podcast, this is just the normal workings of the legal system and doesn’t harm our … Continue reading "Podcast gives Mar…
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