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Mount Vernon, WA, Mayor Jill Boudreau is our guest this week on "Everybody's Neighbor." Jill talks about the challenges that her small city has with addressing the issue of homelessness and how important it is to have partnerships with non-government organizations.Bởi Everybody's Neighbor
On this week's episode of Everybody's Neighbor, Susan Rowe, who lives in a community land trust home in Mount Vernon, Wash., talks about her life as a seeker of love and meaning in the 1960s. Her travels took her from Ohio to San Francisco to, eventually, Washington State. Susan worked for a bit at Rolling Stone Magazine in San Francisco. She now l…
Our guest on this week's "Everybody's Neighbor" podcast is Gerald Johnson. Gerald is 81 and lives in affordable housing in the Pacific Northwest on his Social Security check. Gerald is a veteran and a former police officer. Gerald talks to us about his life and living on a fixed income, but he also gives good insight about being happy and having a …
This week on "Everybody's Neighbor" Jodi Monroe interviews Bob Abrams, an 87-year-old artist and local celebrity in La Conner, Washington. Bob shares his thoughts on being a former Walt Disney artist and Korean War veteran, and about his challenges with renting with a limited income.Bởi Everybody's Neighbor
Jodi Monroe and Bill Craig talk about HUD Secretary Ben Carson's proposal to have renters who live in federally subsidized housing to pay up to 35 percent of their income instead of the current 30 percent. This conversation was recorded on Thursday, April 26, 2018.Bởi Everybody's Neighbor
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