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306 Degrees of St. Vincent. We scratch the surface of Annie Clark's Gesamtkunstwerk project and wonder what Fred Armisten is like in real life. Josh worries that when Gen X nostalgia wanes, it's the beginning of the end for them. We introduce a new segment called "What are we wearing?" For more info and links, check out…
306 Degrees of Confronting Silence. We talk about music and memories, choices, anticipation, and, of course, Beck Hansen, AKA Beck. Ted Lasso comes up and Josh complains about Lasso's genuine sincerity. Then we play a game called "Patrick: Peringer or Warburton?" For more information and bonus content related to this episode, check out our website …
Patrick and Scott talk with Andrea Emmanuel and Greg Shoemaker, recent graduates of the IT Fast Track - Network Security option, about why they chose IT, the Fast Track option, and the Networking Practicum and Internship classes. Feedback @TalkonTechMCTCBởi Talk on Tech
Patrick and Scott talk with Rick Bledsoe and David Kalinoski, two former Windows 2000 Network Administration students, about their trials and tribulations with Information Technology. Feedback @TalkonTechMCTC or email talkontech@gmail.comBởi Talk on Tech
Patrick talks with Ryan Satterfield and Scott Nicholas. Ryan and Patrick talk about taking Scott's Windows NT4 and 2000 classes and the pranks and gaffes that took place. Ryan and Scott talk about customer service. @TalkonTechMCTC or talkontech@gmail.comBởi Talk on Tech
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