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Welcome to The MLSecOps Podcast, presented by Protect AI. Your hosts “D” Dehghanpisheh, President and Co-Founder of Protect AI, and Charlie McCarthy, MLSecOps Community Leader, explore the world of machine learning security operations, a.k.a., MLSecOps. From preventing attacks to navigating new AI regulations, we'll dive into the latest developments, strategies, and best practices with industry leaders and AI experts. This is MLSecOps. Learn more at
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In this episode of The MLSecOps podcast, the co-hosts interview Pin-Yu Chen, Principal Research Scientist at IBM Research, about his book co-authored with Cho-Jui Hsieh, "Adversarial Robustness for Machine Learning." Chen explores the vulnerabilities of machine learning (ML) models to adversarial attacks and provides examples of how to enhance thei…
ETH Zürich's Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Florian Tramèr, joins us to talk about data poisoning attacks and the intersection of Adversarial ML and MLSecOps (machine learning security operations). Thanks for listening! Find more episodes atởi Dr. Florian Tramèr
Security researcher, AI/ML architect, & former political operative, Disesdi Susanna Cox, talks with us about her research, some of which can be accessed via her website: Thanks for listening! Find more episodes atởi Disesdi Susanna Cox
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