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तन्नेरी डबली हाम्रो जेनेरेसनको गफ गर्ने, कुरा सुन्ने-सुनाउने, विचार आदानप्रदान गर्ने साझा डबली हो। यो डबली सुरु गर्नुको उद्देश्य हामी साथीहरु भेट हुँदा चिया पसलमा गरिने ती चिया गफहरु, मोमो पसलमा मोमो कुर्दै गर्दा गरिने ती मोमो गफहरु, सार्वजनिक गाडीमा हरेक दिनजसो भेटिदा गरिने माइक्रो गफहरु अथवा अन्य गफहरु ती सबै गफहरुलाई हामीमा मात्र सिमित नराखेर अरुलाई पनि सुनाउनु अनि अरुलाई पनि त्यो गफमा सामेल गर्नु हो | #Nepali #Podcast #Youth #Opportunity #PublicService #Politics #Lifestyle
Chris and Tanner Podcast

Chris and Tanner Podcast

Chris and Tanner (www.chrisandtanner.com)

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10 years. 5 podcasts. 2 friends. 0 listeners. You'd think after all these years longtime friends Chris and Tanner might've decided enough was enough, but they won't stop until they get a listener. Might that person be you? It could be if you like candid comedy, pop culture, nostalgia, and self loathing.
Football presenter David Tanner loves football and talking about it. That’s handy - it’s exactly what he does here on The Tanner Ball Player Podcast. Best known for broadcasting on BT Sport, Sky Sports and TalkSPORT, David is joined by some of his favourite football personalities. Supported by Ladbrokes, sponsor of the SPFL.
We all have blind spots… I do… But YBS? YBS your business, your family, and YBS your life. It starts with asking the question… But it’s really about living it… And that’s what this podcast is all about…
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On today's show we thanked all of the Military members past and present for their service. We also talked about all the places that they can get free food on Veterans Day. We talked about the weirdest city names in America and we talked about the foods you want to avoid on a first date.Bởi 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
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