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GGR Pirate Radio

GGR Pirate Radio

GGR: The Great Geek Refuge

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GGR Pirate Radio is a grab bag of geeky/nerdy content from the podcasters at the Great Geek Refuge! What used to be the flagship podcast is now a haven for special episodes, content from our other shows PLUS all of the old episodes of GGR Pirate Radio. Enjoy! And don’t be a juicebag!
Ray’s Rants looking back to the 1960s 1970s and 1950s in the UK Great Britain. The British music scene, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The pubs and clubs, Watney’s Red Barrel beer, Babycham, Cherry B the night life. The cars, the workplace, television and pirate radio. Kids and schools back in the early days. 60s fashion and clothes, flairs and miniskirts. London, Caroline, Luxembourg.
Pirate Radio After Dark The Podcast is the sister show of Pirate Radio After Dark which has been broadcasting on WXLV/iHeartRadio/91.7 fm WMUH/TuneIn Radio Terrestrial Radio For 16+ years out of the LV, Pennsylvania. Pirate Radio After Dark takes on topics and pieces that would not fit in the radio shows format while maintaining the high standards of the flagship show. Just like the radio show we stick to no specific genre or agenda. The podcast has an overall focus on loving life through mu ...
Broadcasting out of Calgary, AB Canada, PIRATE LIFE RADIO is an independent podcast seeking to expose local and international underground music. Co-hosted by Kyle Gritchen & Josh Wallace, two unwavering fans of honest music, Pirate Life Radio is dedicated to bringing the listener stories from the seas less travelled- straight from the mouths of the people who were there. Featuring interviews with some of the city’s top talent and a ripping soundtrack to match, PLR aims to provide an outlet f ...
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It's the first of December tomorrow! Good grief, where has this year gone? In this episode, I mention an interesting statistic about cars. Join me for a quick chat.Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
When I was a boy, I did loads of things... good and bad! They were great days. In this episode, I recall some of the delights, and downfalls, of being a child back in the 50s and 60s.Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
Wow, winter has arrived! 2 degrees Centigrade - 35 Fahrenheit. I hope you're all keeping warm. No, not my Southern Hemisphere listeners. I know you're warm down there. This coming Sunday's episode is called 'When I Was A Boy'. I hope you enjoy it.Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
This week I'm rambling on about the National Health Service and other stuff such as pirate radio, BBC radio, the good old days and... Join me if you will!Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
What on earth has happened to radio these days? What a load of rubbish! In the old days, the music was great, the DJs were brilliant... These days, all the radio stations sound the same. Join me for a moan. Also, I'll be banging on about television and how good it used to be, and loads of other stuff.…
The Continuing Story of... I think I'm going to have several continuing stories. Payton Place, the dentist, the leaky roof. Join me for a good old moan!Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
A rather shorter episode this time due to my ongoing mouth pain. However, all is not lost. In this episode, I tell you a story about high voltage pylons and ghosts! I hope to be back on form for next Wednesday's Midweek Message.Bởi Ray’s Rants UK
On this Episode we are live and in person talking with LI Kick legend Alex Suva! We talk how he joined LI Kick shortly after the inception of the league, his upcoming 500th Kickball game, his competitive nature and advice for new Kickball players. Tune in and Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eamon-sheerin/message…
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