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投资专家教路、新旧经济联网 香港电台第一台及港台电视31联播 投资策略,听得又睇得! 监制:陈燕萍 编导∶高福慧 网上收听节目直播:http://gbcode.rthk.hk/TuniS/www.rthk.hk/radio/radio1 即时收睇电视直播:https://zh-hk.facebook.com/rthkpau/
RTHK' s The Works focuses on Hong Kong's arts and cultural scene. The Works features news and reviews of visual and performing arts, design, literary and other “ works ” . Added illumination comes from interviews with leading performers and producers, interspersed with updates on events affecting the development of the territory 's artistic and cultural life. There's also in – most weeks – a live studio performance. The Works is aired on RTHK 31 every Wednesday at 19:10. We're on Facebook ht ...
Annemarie Evans explores Hong Kong and digs up many aspects of our social, cultural, architectural and artistic heritage. Catch it live: Saturdays 7:30am - 8:00am, first broadcast Sundays 6:15pm - 6:45pm, repeat broadcast Podcast: Weekly update and available after its first broadcast. ************************* If you would like to share your story or idea with us, please contact us at hkhradio3@gmail.com *************************
Hong Kong's urban transit show, as heard on RTHK AM621, with hard talk on sustainable transport, future mobility, zero carbon and urban planning for safe, liveable streets. Wham Bam Tram returns to RTHK's airwaves in October 2021 - but to keep our regular fans happy we're running the show as an indie podcast from July to September! Hosted by Transit Jam founder James Ockenden and recorded in Hong Kong.
The Agender Cafe serves up a delicious array of topics on gender, sex, sexuality and society. Every week we have a frank, open conversation with our guests about issues which affect us all, and try to tackle some of those “taboo” topics. Sit down with hosts Karen Koh & Noreen Mir every Friday from 2-3pm and enjoy a visit to the Agender Cafe!
RTHK's English-language current affairs programme that takes "The Pulse" of Hong Kong ... and the world around it. "The Pulse" is presented by locally and internationally known journalist and writer Steve Vines. Its focus? The latest events and trends that affect Hong Kong - from the corridors of power and business boardrooms, to the streets and dai pai dongs. "The Pulse" is politics. What's happening in the Legislative Council and on the streets right now. "The Pulse" is the media, informin ...
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Most of us in Hong Kong today are the descendants of people who came from Guangdong in the 19th to 20th centuries. As a result, the majority of Hong Kong’s population speaks Cantonese. A smaller percentage, now mostly the older generation and village r...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
Rosh Hashanah, in Hebrew means “head of the year”. It is the beginning of the year according to the traditional Jewish calendar and a time of inner renewal and divine atonement. This year’s celebration started last Monday on September 6th and ended on ...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
Hong Kong's new "water taxi" is attracting some derision for its once-weekly fixed route - but how did we end up with this strange service after the great promise of the water taxi concept? Mobility expert Dr Abraham Leung, a post-doc researcher with Griffith University in Brisbane, grew up in Hong Kong and has a lot of insight into how the city co…
Throughout history, music has often provided a backdrop for food and the joys of eating. In ancient times, musicians performed during festive occasions, entertaining guests at banquets. Recent studies also show that listening to music while eating enco...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
Music probably began with humans noticing the sounds they could get from hitting or scraping objects in the world around them. Over time we created musical instruments to refine those sounds. Percussionist Angela Hui finds joy and creative potential no...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
A new study commissioned by the Development Bureau will re-open the idea of harbourfront cycling - but will the government approach rise above its past failed attempts to connect the city's harbour with bikes? We chat with Martin Turner, chairman of the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, on harbour cyclingh, design processes, shared bikes and the oppresiv…
Founded in 1965, the Department of Music of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has been nurturing diverse music talents ever since, and celebrated its 55th anniversary last year. However, because of a delay, the gala organised by the alumni will be he...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
There's tragically thousands of deaths and injuries on Hong Kong's roads: pedestrians make up almost a third of deaths and very serious life changing injuries. Julian Kwong is a road design expert who advises the UN and the World Health Organisation on road safety. He's been a long time campaigner in Hong Kong calling for lower speed limits and bet…
The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our collective behaviour in terms of the ways in which we live, learn, work, and interact with one another. Many companies are now even considering whether working from home could be the permanent future of work. Crea...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
Although dancer and choreographer William Forsythe was trained in classical ballet, much of his work deconstructs the traditional form. He has been described as having reinvented the process of choreography and the teaching of dance. He has brought oth...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
Last week, we featured works by this year’s graduates from the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Fine Art department. The Chinese title of their exhibition, which focused on the theme of not taking things for granted was drawn from a popular party food...Bởi Radio Television Hong Kong
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