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We are a live interview podcast recorded in Denver in front of an audience with an interesting topic that gets posted weekly online for our listeners. The Topic of Conversation with Rob Scoggins Jr. is recorded live in front of an audience every Wednesday night at Original Brooklyn's. The show runs from 6:30 to 8:15pm. We ask the guest to get there by 6:30pm and bring friends and family to be a part of the live audience the Show has been describe like/as "Rob's running of the show and interview style is like good old Charlie Rose from CBS News--friendly, funny, smooth, seamless and informative-he knows his guest and you can tell he likes and respect them" --Judith DeLorca owner of Words + Ideas Consultant to Entrepreneurs and Small Business--she has been a Live audience member at over 5 shows and is a Denver Press Club member "The Rob Scoggins interview style is like no other that I have ever heard or been interviewed by- but the closest to compare it to would be NPR's Terry Gross of Fresh Air or James Lipton Host Inside the Actors Studio --Rob gets so much out of his guest and makes them feel so good being there on his show"--Dr. Christie Hartman is an internationally recognized dating expert, writer and Professor at University of Denver --past Guest of the show Our live show is for everyone, if you are in Denver, CO Keep us in mind as something fun to go to on Wednesday Nights-be a part of the live audience

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