How To Start Any Business From Home

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Business Ideas Expert Kathi Calahan and Tough Love Motivational Speaker Kevin Manley show entrepreneurs how to start any business from home using their God-given skills, values and interests. Time saving tips to help you open ANY business from home.
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Kathi & Kevin teach the art of Discovering Your Life's Work, using spiritual principles. Throughout history humans have explored spirituality and attempted to make sense of it in their own lives. Is there reason & purpose for my life? Yes, there is. Can I know what it is? Yes, you can.
Certified Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Business Counselor, Kathi Calahan is “The Idea Queen & Go-To Person” for solutions to your everyday "start a business from home" problems. Using the 4 principles of spirituality, she will help you find the work best suited to your personality and Soul’s desire.
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She offers solid practical advice and tips for business entrepreneurs through:
Business Coaching (B2B)
Free Ebook - 8 Fun Jobs to Do From Home
Ebook - How to Start Any Business From Home, Finding Your Niche
Ebook - How to Write an Ebook Using Free Software
and all her start your own business self help tools found at
She has taught at two different California community colleges, served as a business representative at the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce and for many years developed her spiritual side by working as a Professional Intuitive.
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