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“China Now” is a live daily show on China Radio International (CRI). Launched in December 2006, the show aims to showcase the real China to the world, by reporting on Chinese society and culture. Previously known as “Beyond Beijing”, which has now become the name of the whole frequency, “China Now” was the first show CRI launched via its overseas FM stations. China Now is broadcast live between 2-5 pm Beijing Time, Monday to Friday. Each edition contains more than ten segments, including A Day in the Life, Culture Voyage, Real China, Bookshelf, Blogbite, Expat Tales, Hangout, Chinese Kitchen, and Trend Detective, to name just a few. With the variety of segments, up-to-date music and topics of interest to international audiences, the program has drawn many loyal listeners from around the globe. People tune in to hear the latest information and Chinese perspectives as well as finding out about travel tips, cultural aspects and business opportunities in China. Over the past few years, many reports produced by China Now have won awards for their content. The show itself won the first prize at the 2008 China Journalism Awards, the most prestigious journalism awards in China, claiming the title for “best show”. China Now can now be heard in more than a dozen overseas cities, including Nairobi, Canberra, Auckland, Perth, Washington DC, Boston, Phnom Penn and Honolulu. It’s also broadcast online live via

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