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About Me: I'm a happily Married and The Party is great when you party with Nyc Dj.MannyManny. Dj MannyManny is one of New York City’s most exciting dj. Born and raised in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. Dj Manny brings a blend and style of music that range from Salsa to Merengue, Hiphop & R+B, Reggaeton,Bachata, Disco, Freestyle and House. Dj Manny is a favorite amongst the young Latin fans in NYC. He has been involved in the music scene here since 1978. Manny got the inspiration of djing from old skool djs who had been in the game for a long time i.e. Larry Levan, Kenny Carpenter, Ted Currier, John Jellybean Benitez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Glenn Friscia, Freddy Bastone,Tony Humphries, Junior Vasquez,DJ Animal, Scott Blackwell, Grandmaster Flash, Roman Ricardo, Red Alert, Timmy Regisford,Grand Wizard Theodore, Baby J,Kid Capri, Merlin Bob, Henry Knowles, David Mancuso, Kool Herc, Rene Hewitt, Shep Pettibone,Tee Scott, David DePino, Little Louie Vega. Dj Manny biggest passion in his life is the need to share his music with other people no matter where they come from. Dj Manny has been making a name for himself in New York City spinning at various clubs. He demonstrates talent and energy when he spins his vast collection. Over the years he has worked many Bars and clubs all across the Tri-State area. He has held many residencies and done many guest spots at various different venues. He has built up a strong DJ reputation in NYC. He has gained a huge amount of experience from working at various size clubs with various age range clients and can play to any crowd. Dj Manny he is able to operate and program as a sound engineer with many live bands, singers and other entertainment acts. Manny concentrates most of his time DJ'ing Lounges and clubs now days. Dj Manny has a mobile entertainment company called Nyc Sound Production Inc. . My motto is “Experience makes the difference”! We have bilingual Dj’s & MC’s that will motivate and excite your guests. All our sound system is state of the art equipment. We are fully insured and Latino owned Dj Company. The choice of Entertainment Company will be the most important decision you will make for your event so come hear, feel and see the difference with Nyc Sound Production Inc!!!

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