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Lucia and The Raskolovicz Brothers are plunging into the dark ahead, beginning their individual journeys out of the accumulated hells they have known. With time crystals and parallel dimensions through Black River Falls, Wisconsin, this Legacy is one of everyone you will ever know before and past. Set in the same rural American town, but separated by a century of time, this teenage girl and tween-age boys are inexplicably connected to Black River Falls, Wisconsin. The Raskolovicz Brothers run from their father Genecki, in 1893. While, Lucia plots with her hidden friends how to finally escape her captor, Mr. N, in 1993. Each episode illuminates the children's connection to time, place, and each other, while adding bizarre encounters and victories to their on-going journeys. ©2017 - All Rights Reserved by KORREA productions and Black Falls Legacy - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent KORREA productions. The copyrights for each story and music are held by the authors and composers.

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