Ep. 89 - Dr. Rob Bell - Life Lessons from the IT-100

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In this episode, Dr. Rob is interviewed by long-time friend and colleague, Will Drumright, as he discusses the life lessons gained from running 100-miles.

  • 3:49 Training for the IT-100 vs. the Ironman.
  • 8:30 Being a scientist while training.
  • 10:03 Even the bad days are still good.
  • 13:25 Simple isn’t always easy.
  • 16:31 Low points in training.
  • 21:13 What do you do the next day?
  • 23:11 The 10-mile rally.
  • 29:23 “He started to hurt, and I started to feel better.”
  • 31:52 The second wind is guaranteed.
  • 32:50 The best people on training courses.
  • 34:30 Not letting negativity creep into the legs.
  • 37:48 Emptying the bucket.
  • 44:02 Returning to the baseline: Process vs. product.
  • 45:15 Will reflects on the 75-hard challenge.
  • 47:13 Focusing on what’s right in front of you.

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