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Welcome to my party....a gathering of souls, a meeting of minds, a collective of soaring spirits. For lovers of funky basslines, melodic hooks and creamy vocals Weekly Residencies: Gossip @ Love Machine: Every Sunday. Melbourne based DJ Mr Stoj began his musical career in 2002 whilst living abroad in London. He saved the money to buy a new set of turntables and mixer and that was the start of a life long dream. Soon after returning to Melbourne he created and formed the dance party Mecca @ The Public Office. The party which eventually spanned a successful three years, went on to showcase some of best the house music available at the time. Since the hedonistic days of Mecca, Mr Stoj has made his mark by playing what he knows best, Uplifting pumping house. From rolling baselines to brilliant piano synths with amazing vocals the choices he makes to move the floor have earned him a reputation as a mover and shaker. A crowd pleaser who blends his mixes in a way that keeps the energy constantly flowing. This sound and style is what earned him a residency at Love Machine. Since then, Stoj has risen to prominence, becoming a permanent DJ resident over two nights at the upmarket 'Spice Market' in the CBD, and the Market Hotel in South Yarra as well as playing at other large events such as Sensation New Years Eve 2010, Shiver, Rawhide, Hedonistic, Purr, Betterdays, Liveoneday, LoveGaze (Sydney). After years of spinning tunes to the people it was inevitable that the next step was to radio where he presented a weekly Friday night dance music show on JOY94.9 appropriately titled 'House Arrest' for over two years. The program showcased cutting edge uplifting vocal club tracks and classic anthems tailor made to take your hand and lead you into the weekend. Mr Stoj has developed a following that is diverse, large, loyal, and consisting of people who not only know good music when they hear it, but how music should be played to sound seriously good. Become a Facebook fan of 'Mr Stoj' to be kept up to date regarding gigs and goss

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