The Body Talk Health Show with Mimi Stoneburner

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Body Talk is a live, weekly radio health show that looks at the latest in both traditional and alternative medicine. Host Mimi Stoneburner works with major publicists and large book publishers to find experts to interview for her show. The hour is very informative with up-to-date information listeners can use. Recent book authors include Dr. Barry Sears (Zone Diet), Bernie Siegle, M.D., (Love, Medicine and Miracles plus his sequel), 38th generation traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Mao (Second Spring), Melonie Beattie (The New Codependent), Stephen Sinatra, M.D. (Reversing Heart Disease Now), David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., PhD (Anti Cancer, A New Way of Life). Julian Whitaker, M.D. has been on her show many times and Mimi has co-hosted with Dr. Whitaker on his national show called Healthy Talk Radio.

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