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All Enquiries: | 07900948696 MIXCLOUD >>>> Pryzm Birmingham Resident DJ every Tuesday! BBC Asian Network featured DJ! Harj Matharu has been involved in music all his life and started out with learning the Dhol and has been Gigging around the UK with well established DJ's. Over the years Harj collected & built up a massive music collection, ranging from different genre's & decided that he wanted to take his talent further and try out other areas of the Asian Music Scene and started making mixtapes from his crib, which proved to be highly successful. After a lot of positive feedback, Harj invested in some DJ Equipment and tried out the Art of DJ'ing. Fusing over 4 Generations of music ranging from Bhangra to Deep House, Harj is proving to be one of the hottest properties in the Asian DJ'ing scene. Harj is now playing exclusively for 'Kudos Music', where you can enquire about his availability for your event. In the mean time check out DJ Harjs Soundcloud Page to check just what Harj is about. Any Enquires regarding DJ Harjs availability & mixtapes, can be found below: e: Bookings & Enquires: 07900948696 SoundCloud: Mixcloud: Instagram: harjmatharu_ Donali:

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