1869, Ep. 112 with Carl Weinberg, author of Red Dynamite

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Transcript here: https://otter.ai/u/s518QoR-pb9K9V5FnxTnlZA4PBo This episode, we speak with Carl Weinberg, author of Red Dynamite: Creationism, Culture Wars, and Anticommunism in America. https://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/9781501759291/red-dynamite/#bookTabs=2 Carl Weinberg is Adjunct Associate Professor of History and Senior Lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences, at Indiana University Bloomington. He is also the author of Labor, Loyalty, and Rebellion from Southern Illinois University Press. We spoke to Carl about the very real and hidden labor and socialist history of John Scopes of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial, why there is a rational kernel of truth behind Christian conservatives linking the theory of evolution with communism, and why Christian conservatives’ main argument against evolution has always been about its impacts on society rather than anything having to do with biology.

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