The Disney Genie+ in Detail: Will it Be Worth it for You?

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Walt Disney World Your Way: Will Disney's Genie Help or Hinder?

Don't get caught up in too much research when planning your Walt Disney World vacation. That's the discussion in Episode 94 of The Disney Travel Podcast at 1923 Main Street. From choosing a hotel, to Disney dining, events and more, there's enough to fray the nerves of even the most savvy travelers.

With Disney's new Genie and Genie+ planning service as an option to help you make the most of your vacation, things are looking brighter. In this episode we take a close look at the Disney Genie planning tools, and how they can really help to bring more magic to any Disney vacation. That is, assuming they work as planned.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of how to do Walt Disney World Your Way and whether we think the Disney Genie will live up to the hype.

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