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QueerAF is the award-winning one-of-a-kind podcast with beyond the binary stories about queerness, sexuality, gender and identity. All our shows are created by a budding LGBTQIA+ audio producer who have inspiring, vital (QueerAF) stories to tell.

Visit our independent platform funding queer creatives for the most up to date information: wearequeeraf.com

The social enterprise podcast, with its roots in collaboration and with funding from National Student Pride, gives young queer creatives a crucial leg up on the career ladder. For many, it is their first paid audio commission.

We've won in the British Podcast Awards 'Moment Of The Year' category, with four nominations over the years. We've also been recognised by the ARIAS 2021 'Impact Award' shortlist alongside BBC1Xtra too. Download and take the UK's best lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer story podcast with you. Get the show in all the places podcasts exist.


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