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Top 25 talk

Top 25 from year 19Nine is releasing this week plus a focus on that team
Big Ten got their butts kicked. The Big East is back. I think the Big East Conference sweatshirt is already sold out but there are team specific ones there still. I want to ask if there is room for a basketball conference in today’s college sports landscape.

Shoobridge Pick of the week.

Stories of the Week
What are the best games left before the conference schedule starts pick two argue why those are the best. 5. Gonzaga vs. UCLA, Nov. 23 in Las Vega Duke vs. Gonzaga, Nov. 25 in Las Vegas, Duke at Ohio State, Nov. 30, ACC-Big Ten Challenge, Michigan at North Carolina, Dec. 1, ACC-Big Ten Challenge, Gonzaga vs. Alabama, Dec. 4 in Seattle, Villanova at Baylor, Dec. 12, Big East-Big 12 Battle, Alabama at Memphis, Dec. 14, Kentucky at Kansas, Jan. 29, SEC-Big 12 Challenge
Wearable Fitness - Apple Watch, Whoop, FitBit/Google, Halo

Name Image Likeness Story

  1. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/one-group-of-student-athletes-is-conspicuously-absent-from-nil-deals/
  2. Paulo Banchero charged with aiding and abetting a DWI suspended indefinitely and that meant zero minutes in the end.

NBA Story/NBA Draft check I

  1. Okay you win Golden State Warriors are they the championship favorites? Is Steph the MVP? How does he keep doing this?



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