The Dobbs Opinion, the Repealing of Roe, & the Impact on the Privacy & Security of Patient Information – Audio Version of the Webinar

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Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, principal with Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C., Houston, TX presents this very timely subject for us.The Dobbs Opinion repealed fifty years of precedent under Roe. The implications of the Opinion extend beyond women’s reproductive rights and impact the privacy rights of all Americans. The purpose of this webinar is to explain the key aspects of the Dobbs Opinion related to privacy from both the Majority and the Dissent’s perspective, address the current legislative initiatives, HHS Guidance, and Executive Orders, as well as appreciate the role HIPAA plays in navigating Dobbs.

This webinar will cover the following objectives:

1.Understand the privacy implications of the Dobbs Opinion, which repealed Roe.
2.Appreciate the nuances of the Majority and Dissent’s positions and the impact on the privacy of protected health information (PHI) and the role HIPAA plays, including the 18 identifying factors of PII components of PHI.
3.Learn the current initiatives taken by various federal branches of government, states, and private companies and the impact on privacy rights of all individuals.

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