Mental Wellness Mondays - A Guide To Meditation with Mutsa Samuels

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In discussions of mental wellness, the benefits of meditation are often brought up, but what is meditation? How can you do it? And what are those benefits? Mutsa Samuels, global speaker and author returns as a guest to Mental Wellness Mondays to answer those questions, enjoy!
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00:00 - Intro.

04:29 - About Mutsa and a summary of his journey.

10:40 - Difference between heartfulness and other forms of meditation.

16:24 - Prayer and meditation.

21:21 - Tips to get started on meditation.

25:47 - What benefits to expect from meditation.

30:44 - How to get assistance with meditation.

34:19 - Is there scientific research that backs up meditation?

35:35 - Closing.

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