Mental Wellness Mondays - How To Be An Ally To People With Disabilities with Colleen Chifamba

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People with disabilities. face unique challenges to their mental wellbeing, Colleen Chifamba, disability consultant and founder of Life Through The Disability Lens, comes through to the show to share some insights, and help all of us to be allies to people with disabilities.

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00:00 - Intro

05:07 - Disabilities and challenges. with mental health

09:13 - How to Overcome Grief In Disability

11:31 - Coping Mechanisms for Dealing With Disabilities

14:14 - What Do People In Society Say That Contribute To Some Challenges For People With Disabilities

17:55 - How Can People Contribute To Making Life And Mental Health Better For People With Disabilities

23:09 - Knowing When And When Not To Step In With People With Disabilities

25:53 - How A Person With Disability Can Protect Their Mental Health

27:17 - What Government Policies Can Be Put In Place To Help People With Disabilities?

31:02 - How Can Parents Create A Loving Environment For Children With Disabilities

35:45 - Which ORGANIZATIONS in Zimbabwe Support And Advocate For People With disabilities?

39:50 - Disabilities And Dating

43:51 - How Society Can Help Curb Sexual Abuse Against Women With Disability

51:01 - How To Reach Colleen

53:17 - Closing.

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