The Made Ya Leave Episode

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It was a bright and exciting Saturday morning. Phil laid his outfit for the night on the bed and admired the coordination once again. By 7 am, the amapiano playlist was already on repeat. Surely, this would be an excellent night, Major League DJZ never disappoint….
This 2 Broke Twimbos episode explores what happened next, please note this is not for sensitive listeners.
Also, ExQ has a new album, apparently, footballers are giving away their money for free, people are terrible as usual and there are movies being watched, enjoy!

00:00 - Intro.

04:51 - Zimbabweans Doing It Big.

18:38 - Corona Watch.

20:23 - Oh God It’s Major Lea…

54:07 - ExQ Album Launch.

57:36 - Gagaga - Tendai Ndoro, Miss Tourism, Doves Empty Coffin??

67:44 - Squid Game Crypto.

75:55 - Venom Viewing Recap.

80:42 - New Music.

88:35 - Closing.

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