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Booking, promos & mix inquiries : Facebook : Insta : djadvokkat ********************************************************************** If you are interested by an unreleased track, please contact us at In case of publishing and contract offer, label should be liable of the content, we are not music professionals and we don't have a structure dedicated. Samples used in the track are in information. ********************************************************************** Biography R'no & Mat' are "Advokkat". They met at school and to be more precised, during a bus trip in which they started to speak about music. They began to mix in the bedroom, with vinyls bought in Paris Then R'no studied economics, mathematics and finance at Paris Dauphine University and Mat' studied at a radio school. They love funky house, deep & undergroud music. During several years they broadcasted a radio show Groove Is In The House in which, they brodcasted a lot of djs as resident or guest. ********************************************************************** Djs broadcasted in the Radio Show with their agreement : Alex Agore, Alex Tea, Andrade, Andre Crom , Andy Ash, Andrew Riley, Anhanguera, Ant Øne, Art Of Tones, Burnski, Chris Carrier, Chris Simmonds, Coeo, Craig Hamilton, Craig Stewart, Dan Curtin, David Duriez, Debukas, Demuir Pierre, Didier Vanelli, Dimitri Max, Dj Sneak, D-knox, Doc Link, Doc Martin (Sublevel), Gauthier DM, GIOM, Gulivert, HateLate, Hector Moralez, Hoodrat, Ian Straker and LMD Djs, Iban Montoro Jazzman Wax, Italobros, J Paul Getto, Jade Cox, Javi Bora, Jean Cé, Jepe, Joey Chicago, Joss Moog, JR From Dallas, Julian Marciano, Junior Rivero (1200 Warriors), Kink, Kyodai, La Fleur, Lars Berger, Le Babar, Luca Bortolo II, Luna City Express, Marc Romboy, Martinez, Massimo DaCosta, Mazi, Mennie, Miles Maeda, Miss Mee, Nick Holder, Nikaï Dafly & Prophet, Owain Bellis(124 Recordings), Phil Weeks, Quell, Sylvain Rjack, Ralph Lawson, Rob Mello, Robb Swinga, Steve UNDG, Shades Of Gray, Short Bus Kids, Shur-i-kan, Spirit Catchers, Stone Willis, Surrealism, Terminal M djs, Times Are Ruff, Todd Terry, Tooli, Tripmastaz, Zeitgest.

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