Pete Bernardo: How to Build a Business by Scratching Your Own Itch

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Pete is the Co-Founder and CEO of Punchlist, an annotation platform that allows teams to give each other feedback directly on graphics, images, websites, and pdfs. The 2-year-old startup has 14,000+ paying users in 39 countries, including companies like Shopify and Subway. Pete has also raised $2M and previously graduated from Techstars Atlanta in 2022. Pete worked as a designer and project manager at multiple agencies for 15 years, helping to construct projects for notable companies such as CNN, American Express, Microsoft, and Ben & Jerry's. He then left his job to teach himself how to write code so that he could build a solution to address the issues he saw in all of those previous projects. Pete spent many late nights and weekends building Punchlist alone before finally deciding to build a team. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, Punchlist is now a successful startup with thousands of satisfied customers.

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