024 - Craig Liebenson Brings You Into The 21st Century

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In Episode 24 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast, Craig Liebenson Brings You Into The 21st Century.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How a rebellious vegetarian non-chiropractic believer graduated chiropractic school and has helped transform the world of health and fitness.
  • Craig's framework for empowering your patients to help them get moving successfully and reach their goals.
  • His go-to strategy to stay up to date with the latest evidence and connect with other thought leaders around the world.
  • Looking beyond your practice and how you can help create a better world each day.

Learn more about Craig, his books and his courses at https://firstprinciplesofmovement.com/

Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes now at http://bit.ly/21stcenturyphysio

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