WLP292 Rethinking Thinking Remote: Working Out Loud

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In this episode, we revisit the chapters from Thinking Remote which addressed the concept of “working out loud”.Adopting the concept helps to keep the team spirit, how to stay aligned and creative. Working out loud allows those who thrive on interactive energy - we can think of “working out loud for productivity, creativity and collaboration”.The concept of working out loud has been around for a while, since the online world started thriving. (For more on this, check out episode 170, with guest Jochen Lillich https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/wlp170-working-out-loud )8.50mins How have things changed since we wrote those blog posts?18.01minsAn example of the power of “working out loud” and “thinking outloud”.We quote from this article: Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet? 25.40

We revisit the chapter from Thinking Remote The Dangers of Working Out Loud , First published as a blog post in 2016.

30.40Next up, we turn our attention to the team member, and revisit the chapter by Maya: Now that I’m remote can anyone see how hard I’m working?

39.36 Community news, we share what others are tweeting and saying from our connections

For more links and transcript, head over to www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/revisiting-working-out-loud

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