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Welcome to Every Movie Marathon! The podcast where funny friends marathon watch every movie in a series and crack wise into microphones about what they just watched. Listen to your hosts Luke Bergkoetter (musician, Bookmobile!, Marathon, Take Care), Travis Wayne Hurt (comic personality, “The Travis Wayne Hurt Christmas Special”), and statistician Andrea Black (author, Can You Date Data?: My Love Life with Information, Brent Spiner, and Modern Metadata) slowly spiral into madness as they do a deep dive into a variety of pop culture series and sagas. Each episode is, in itself, a marathon of segments featuring special guests and a peanut gallery of couch bums. Andrea will be supplementing every episode with detailed graphs quantifying all of the series’ valuable information and occasional personal information, such as, “How many butts are seen?” or “How many beers did Luke drink?” You know, classy stuff.

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