Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic

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Sonia Bestulic from the Chatabout Children Blog educates, enlightens, and entertains with valuable insights into all things children, from birth to pre-teen, so you can enjoy fulfilment with the children in your world. Discover children at a whole new level, learning simple yet powerful strategies to nurture child development, overall health, effective learning and robust life skills. Uncover techniques on positive parenting, and conscious communication to strengthen your relationships, and empower you to grow, together with the children in your life. In her unique holistic approach, Sonia takes you further, including super easy tools to remember yourself, on the journey of fostering thriving happy children, within a connected family or workplace. As a mother of three young children, a Children’s Author, and a reputable Speech & Language Pathologist, Sonia contributes a professional evidence-based perspective, and personal/ parental tips and tricks, as you share in a Chatabout Children with Sonia Bestulic. “The quality of our communication determines the quality of connection to ourselves, to others and to the world around us” Sonia Bestulic

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